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Multichannel Marketing Software

One to One Marketing is the process of personalizing the prospect's experience.  Allow your recruits to tell you what interests them.  Then deliver a scheduled mail and email campaign that will increase alumni donations, bookstore sales or student enrollment.  The following research shows how others are already succeeding with multi-channel and one-to-one marketing.

Multichannel Marketing Software Roundup

Brands That Are Winning With Multi-Channel and One to One Marketing Strategies:
Garnet Hill
Mark & Spencer
Fairmont Hotel
JC Penney

Higher Education One-to-One Marketing and Enrollment Management

Key Points:
Stealth applicants – students not appearing in a college or university’s enrollment funnel until application – wreck havoc upon enrollment forecasting. Over the last twenty years, there has always been some level of stealth applicants, yet the problem has become more pronounced over the last decade.
Interested in solving the stealth problem? Start with an enrollment marketing strategy based upon relevance, permission, and preferences as your foundations. Design multi-channel conversations using offers, information, and stories that communicate with students based on their needs, wants, and interests. An interactive approach to enrollment marketing is about addressing the student, remembering what she says, and then communicating again in a way that demonstrates you remember what they told you.

Multi-Channel Marketing for Enrollment Development

Key Points:
One value of multi-channel marketing is your prospective student will indicate with which channel he/she is most comfortable. This information will become part of that person’s database record. If you have a prospect respond via email, perhaps a return message asks, “Would you rather communicate with us via email?” The person will let you know. Then future communications may center on the email channel. This is valuable and cost-effective information for your marketing department to track.
Blogging and Twitter are two additional channels that today’s college prospects appreciate. Universities set up blogs to share information about their schools. Current students comment on life in the dorms, the administration, the registration process, etc. Your prospects can be directed to the university blog to see these comments and to find out information on their own. It is very personal and very interactive.
We find that having a number of channels available to your prospective students allows them to choose the method of communication that is most comfortable for them. When their comfort level increases, there is a higher chance that your school will be high on their list of choices!

Developing Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Key Points:
In a multi-channel marketing context, personalization means using what is known about the recipient to create the offer, customize the messaging and deliver it to them in the format requested.
Get Customers to ‘Opt-in’. Companies that can build their own opt-in lists, or use qualified industry opt-in resources, are in a better position to communicate and market to both consumers and businesses.

SOURCE: Database Marketing Institute: How to profit from multi-channel marketing

Key Points:
Multi channel customers buy higher priced options, are less price sensitive, and are cheaper to serve.

Strategies for Multi-Channel Marketing

Key Points:
With a multi-channel approach, you would use a list of prospects to promote your event through two or more integrated disciplines, such as an email with an embedded link to a website, or an SMS (short message service) message reminding recipients to call to register. Delivering multiple impressions and giving prospects a variety of ways to respond can dramatically improve results.
Some companies are missing the multi-channel mark by adopting a "multiple channel" approach that involves merely adding a channel such as a website and operating it independent of other marketing efforts. The key to multi-channel marketing is true integration throughout the enterprise so the components support each other and convey a cohesive image to customers.

Multichannel Marketing, Communications & Delivery

Key Points:
Relevant, campaign-specific pages and custom Web forms can go a long way toward improving campaign results and boosting the ROI of your online marketing program.