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Mobile Brochure Builder

You like freedom.  Guess what... college recruiting is more effective when you let
prospects choose their own adventure too!

Mobile Brochure Software

Mobile technology has officially saturated our culture. Everywhere you turn, someone is tapping away at a smartphone or iPad, connecting with people around the world in real time. This is especially true among the younger generation – these kids have grown up with it, and that handheld, personal computer is simply a part of their lifestyle.

Usage is only becoming more and more widespread, and soon, all forms of media will be available to those with up to date mobile devices.

For universities and colleges, this means that tablets are replacing pen and paper, that smartphones are replacing calculators. Students are registering for classes, planning their schedules, and communicating with classmates in the palms of their hands.

The developers of Brochure Builder recognize these trends, and have created a fantastic way for your institution to connect with past, present, and prospective students.

Brochure builder utilizes a stylish, web-based application to build, save, and arrange informational and promotional material for your institution. Users create and save important sections of content, ready to arranged and included in a fresh brochure with just the click of a mouse.

Fortunately, Brochure Builder can also share information with email addresses, social media sites, and you guessed it, smartphones!

Imagine a campus tour where every prospect could follow along with the tour, reading facts and figures from a screen in their hand, or a campus orientation where students simply had to download the schedule of events.

When you send Brochure Builder to a mobile device, you get instant results. There is no turn around time for printing or distribution (though printing is always an option), and because you can create custom brochures on the fly, you can always get the right information into the right hands!

Mobile devices are on the cutting edge of technology, just like college students! With Brochure Builder, your school’s administration can reach the student body in a familiar, even preferred format, making the message that much more effective. Try Brochure Builder today, and tap into the future of communication!