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Digital Brochure Builder

Digital brochure builder makes it easy to let your recruits select and save the information about your organization that interests them.

Digital Brochure Software

At every university and college, student organizations are a driving force of the school’s culture. Each group, from Greek fraternities and sororities to intramural sports teams, academic honors societies to special-interest social clubs, contributes to the atmosphere of the campus, and participates in shaping the lives of its students.

Many of these organizations, though, have trouble getting their message out to the unaffiliated student body. Major athletic programs and university-sponsored academic societies have the assistance of the institution itself, but for the student-run organization, effectively sharing information can be a serious challenge.

What if there was an easy way to compile your organization’s information, using a professional looking layout, to be able to print or share on the fly?

Well, now there is, thanks to Brochure Builder. What was once a multi-step, complicated process has now been simplified into a slick, web-based software solution. Using digital Brochure Builder software, students can promote their organizations with professional grade pamphlets, ready for printing, email, or sharing with your favorite social media outlet.

Best of all, the digital brochures are entirely customizable, meaning you can save various pages of information, and compile them in any order (including and excluding the pages you see fit) to tailor it to your target audience. If organizations are working together on an event or fundraiser, combine forces and feature both organizations in one brochure!

Just like in business, organizations need to be able to promote themselves. It is a key component of acquiring new members and promoting activities around campus. Brochure Builder makes this easier, allowing you to share directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and more. Connecting with other students through digital media is just as important as putting your information in print!

Using Brochure Builder will give your organization the advantage over others on campus. Wow your prospects (and their parents) with top-notch presentation, and set a new precedent for the way student organizations are seen by faculty, administration, and students at large!

Boost recruitment! Increase event attendance! Try Brochure Builder today!