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College Migration from Print to Digital Brochures

Print is useful for every college and university.  It also has limitations, like the a brief shelf life, no ability to click and no current events.

Top 9 Reasons colleges and universities should migrate from print to digital brochure software

We researched and compiled a list of problems print correspondance and printed brochures from the eyes of a prospect. Here are the Top 9 reasons people do not like printed catalogs:

  1. They tend to be filled with jargon; lengthy general information that doesn't help the user.
  2. The shelf life of any particular print medium is very limited (Look and feel goes out-of-date).
  3. Printed brochures severely limit your reach (vs internet).
  4. Having to plan months in advance to advertise. Does not offer you flexibility when you are faced with a tight deadline
  5. Poorer quality images and text (in some cases).
  6. The information is only available when it is in your hands (web brochure can be accessed when and where you need it).
  7. Text-heavy print brochures are less likely to be read all the way through. 
  8. Not user friendly (must sit, read, then locate specific information)
  9. After reading a printed brochure, the customer/user/client is at standstill (online brochure can link directly to the related website or product)