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Colleges and Universities have no shortage of information to present, even to those outside of the student body. There are prospective students and faculty, parents and family members, alumni, and community residents who are all interested in campus operations.

Brochure Software

For years, the most common method of sharing this information is by way of annually printed brochures, distributed throughout campus facilities and beyond by recruiters, counselors, and university officials. Each year, the administration has these multi-purpose pamphlets printed and distributed, and each year, they are faced with tough decisions about what to include and how much it is going to cost.

Fortunately, that’s all about to change.

What if your brochures could be tailored to specific events or demographics? What if you didn’t have to pay for a new layout design every time you wanted to make a change? Meet Brochure Builder, and rethink the way your school communicates with the outside world.

Brochure Builder is an intuitive and simplified new way to design and distribute collegiate information, both in print and online. With a web-based portal dedicated to your school, administrators can design and save various portions of a brochure, accessible anywhere (thanks to cloud storage)!

With multiple elements saved, whether for different departments, study abroad programs, or campus highlights, users can “build” a brochure on the fly, only using the components most relevant for a particular round of distribution. The finished brochure can then be printed on the spot, saved as a PDF, or sent electronically via email or a variety of social media outlets.

Using Brochure Builder has some undeniable benefits:

• Use less paper by electronically distributing your information – reduce costs and protect the environment.
• Save your work and come back to it anytime, on any online computer with cloud storage.
• High quality interface makes Brochure Builder fun and easy to use!
• Get the right message in the right hands – cater your brochure to its target audience.

Customized brochures mean customized communication. Highlight your athletic programs with one set, and your graduate programs with another – you are in complete control. Print as many as you need, for the scenarios that call for them, and avoid ending the year with boxes left over. Send custom-fitted brochures to answer specific questions, and set your school apart as a source for instant, well-presented information.

Brochure Builder puts the tools in your hands, allowing you to supply information at will, exactly when and where you need to. Reduce costs, increase enrollment, and stay connected with alumni with one simple solution. Try Brochure Builder today!