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brochure import software

Brochure Import and Export Software

Your university probably has at least half a dozen websites and blogs floating around.  There are inspiring images, copy and video scattered across all of those sites.  Now you want to import that content to one place so it's useful and reusable.  Meet Sungem(r).

Brochure Software

Compiling information can be a hassle, especially if you’ve already taken the time
to put it together in another location. Creating print or online promotional material
often has far too much of this arduous work, pulling content from one place just
to put it in another. If you’ve already taken to time to design and format your
information, why waste time doing it all over again?

Brochure Builder has an excellent remedy for this headache – an advanced content
importing system that does the work for you!

Whether from one or many websites, Brochure Builder can pull all of the necessary
content into one place, ready to be compiled into an awesome brochure. No more
time wasted copying and pasting from document to document, reformatting for new
programs or layouts, or backtracking to find some missing piece.

Once it’s imported, your data stays ready for custom brochures anytime you need
it. You can pick and choose pieces to include, tailoring your promotional and
informational material to meet the needs of any audience.

Streamline your promotional process; stop chasing your content down every time
you need to assemble a new document. Let our easy-to-use solution do the work for
you. Try Brochure Builder today!